any issues with the A6000 body?

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Re: any issues with the A6000 body?

DtEW wrote:

captura wrote:

DtEW wrote:

BoatGuy wrote:

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BoatGuy wrote:

If you're asking about the body, and not the camera, then…

Build quality is well below Nikon. No weather proofing.

No Nikon at that price level has any weather-sealing, either.

You're absolutely correct, and I'm comparing it to a D300 which cost 3x the A6000. But Sony doesn't offer a solid body at any price.

A99? A77? Both weather sealed.

And even ignoring the existence of weather-sealed Sony bodies... the same can be said about Nikon not offering any truly compact large-sensored bodies at any price. Or not offering an EVF at any price. So let's call the D4 an usability nightmare because it no Nikon can meet either of these arbitrary attributes we suddenly deemed to be the very most important thing in the world, all-other-considerations-be-damned.

Makes total sense. *rolleyes*

Hiking near the ocean yesterday in a strong breeze I felt like I was putting the a6000 at risk, something I never felt with a D300.

Build quality well below any Fuji with 'X' in the name, too.

But way better functionality and performance than any NEX with a 5 in its name.

Everyone can troll/fanboy.

C'mon, I agree with the point you just made, why can't you agree with mine? 

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