RX10 'motor' noise recorded in video - what can I do?

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Stephen McDonald
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Re: Try the ECM-XYST1M

necamica wrote:

I have one. It does pick up the sound from my RX10 as well. Now I want to make sure mine is louder than other or not.

BUT, As I mentioned earlier that the purr sound is very faint and may not bother most of time. As long as the mic level is set not too high (and speaker volume is not extreme high), it will be hard to notice.

Now, the problem of ECM-XYST1M: As far as I know mic level can not be adjusted. Even worse, it always set mic level very high - I think it is at 26. Only way to lower it is to connect mic as an external mic using cable. (kind of disappointment - losing simplicity) Once it was hook up through external mic input and lower the mic level setting, I was able to get clean recording.

My question to all of you: what is your mic level setting for normal use?

It may be that the RX10 is a noisier camera than the HX400V. But the HX400V has no separate mike input, besides the hotshoe, to use the stereo cord. There is a high/low mike input choice in the Menu, but since I want to pick up distant birdcalls, I need to keep it on the high position. There is no other level adjustment, as the RX10 has.

The RX10 might pick up better and cleaner sound, using a shotgun mike mounted above or to the right of the camera. The Rode Videomic seems to be the most popular mid-price model for that purpose. You can use the hotshoe simply as a mechanical coldshoe, to mount a foot for an extended microphone mounting arm. There are some places on these cameras, where a second coldshoe could be attached with 3M VHB double-sided mounting tape (after the warranty expires).

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