The FZ200 and various types of straps (recommendations wanted)

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The FZ200 and various types of straps (recommendations wanted)

Hey gang. I've had the FZ200 for about 3 months now. I use it most often as I hike around a nearby state park for wildlife and macro photography, frequently with an adapter tube and teleconverter attached. I bought a cheap cloth neck strap with it, just so that I would have some piece of mind, knowing that I wouldn't drop my new camera into a lake, creek, or onto a hard surface. However, I'm kind of feeling like there must be a better way. A few things are not ideal about the neck strap:

-It gets a bit uncomfortable on long hikes

-The place where the camera hangs on the front of my body makes the LCD screen smack into the hard plastic waist buckle of my camera bag as I walk, so I have to carry the camera away from my body the whole time with both hands (due to the added length/weight with the tube and teleconverter)

-When I use my tripod, the strap frequently gets caught on the adjustment handles

-The way the strap looks, it kind of screams "hey I have an expensive DSLR worth stealing!" even though that's not the case

So, what are my options here?

1) I've seen the type of strap that goes over your left shoulder and has the camera rest on your right hip, often raved about by photographers. However, I'm left-handed and am not sure how well this design would work for me. I'm also 6'6" and I'm not sure if the strap would be long enough, or if the camera would be against my side/ribs.

2) I've seen the 'hand grip' type of straps, and they don't appeal to me for two reasons: First, I sometimes hang over water, and it just doesn't look secure enough for me to stop worrying about it slipping off my hand. Second, they all seem to screw into the bottom of the camera using the tripod mount, which means plenty of unscrewing and screwing when a tripod is being used, and more wear and tear on that part of the camera. Also, this doesn't look like something I could use while hiking to support the camera, meaning I'd need to carry it in both hands all the time the way I do now.

3) I've seen the more traditional wrist straps like this:

Those do look thin/narrow, and I wonder if that would dig into your wrist after a couple of hours of carrying the camera with it.

4) A better/more padded neck strap: This might be a little more comfortable, but it wouldn't solve the problem of the camera smacking into my bag's waist buckle and needing to be carried.

5) Something I haven't thought of yet.

I'm leaning towards 1 or 3, but I don't really want to spend $50 just to discover that a lefty can't use that kind of strap, and I don't want to get the wrist strap if it's going to dig in terribly after a couple of hours, either. I want something that wouldn't interfere with my camera bag as well:

Your input would certainly be appreciated. Thanks!

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