When will the 24-105 f4 be Updated? Ever?

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Re: When will the 24-105 f4 be Updated? Ever?

M H S wrote:

I guess I am just not clever enough to figure out why I should hate my 24-105.

I think it is awesome lens. Very good IQ...I am sure people would have a hard time picking out 24-105 shots from a lineup of shots taking with better loved lenses.

Sharp enough that except for huge prints, or massive on-line zooming you would never know it isn't sharp. The technical differences in sharpness between this lens and the "high class" L lenses is sub-human-threshold at sizes and formats most photos are really viewed at

The cost is almost nothing if bought as a kit with the 6D. I actually think this is the biggest knock against it. Many people (esp. photography hobbbyists) simply can't accept that something inexpensive can be really good. My dad once put some very nice stuff out in front of our house with a sign saying "Free" on it. Nothing happened for two days. He then put out a sign saying "$10" and the stuff was gone in an hour. It's human nature. If we can't really judge for ourselves, we accept cost as a substitute for value.

Ridiculously useful range. Way more useful than stopping at 70mm.

Really good IS

Really good focus speed and accuracy.

Quit reading this forum, go shoot with it and decide for yourself. The only people who hate the lens are on DPR.


I was made redundant 8 years ago (December 2005) and my intent was to do photography as a paying job. I was going to get the 1DMk2n but getting an extra £2k holiday pay in the package I plumbed for the 1Ds2 (being full frame and being a great camera from many users). I also bought the 24-105 and it's been pretty much on the 1Ds since I got it (unless I needed 20, 200 or 400mm). Ok, it has it's flaws but I dare anyone to say they have a lens with NO flaws whatsoever apart from the long, large aperture primes. The range is so useful and the size/weight of the lens is really easy to handle.

I like mine a lot and I also like sharp pictures with excellent colour and contrast.

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