When will the 24-105 f4 be Updated? Ever?

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Re: When will the 24-105 f4 be Updated? Ever?

Andy Dan wrote:

Sigma has the new Art 24-105 f4 OS which is 250$ cheaper than the Canon.

The Canon can be found for $600-700 or EUR 500-600 unboxed; much cheaper than the Sigma in most countries. And expect a ton of these lenses to flood the ´used´ market over the next years because some (many?) new FF owners will be a bit disappointed with the quality (they purchased a kit with the 24-105 included because of the relatively small extra charge). Even if the quality of the Canon is below the general L level, sold as a bundle it is very good value for money. I doubt Sigma will sell many of these lenses to Canon users.

I'm pretty sure the 4/24-70IS is even cheaper to manufacture than the 24-105, so once all the 24-105 lenses are sold the 4/24-70 price will gradually decline to $600 or even lower (as part of a bundle, probably not separately). And then there is room for a higher quality, higher priced 24-105 or 24-120; but maybe such a 4.5x zoom cannot be improved much further while keeping size and price within reasonable limits.

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