What ISO to keep on A mode?

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Re: "I care about picture quality, not pixel quality"

Ido S wrote:

The great Jay Maisel's own words, who doesn't understand people who shoot at low ISOs simply to get the best "quality". He says that by using ISO 1600, he's getting better quality pictures than he does at low ISOs, because it allows him to get deeper depth of field to ensure that the subject is in focus, while maintaining a high shutter speed to prevent motion blur.

It depends on the subject.

I don't mind using higher ISO, even higher than 1600 if necessary. I just want to use it as a conscious choice, and not an automatic setting. Just like aperture and shutter.

If I only shot for the web, and didn't make a lot of big prints, then I would probably not care as much about ISO, so it depends on the intent as much as the subject.

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