Have you seen this video about the E-M10?

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Re: I thought it was a fair & honest review. Criticism was on the AF situation

robgendreau wrote:

I saw the video. But still bought a E-M10. Everything is a compromise in a camera, and what's important to some is needless junk to others. I don't take pictures of kids, so I figured this must be a good camera for everything else, like my slow moving senior friends

I also knew about autofocus, but meh. About the only time I'm taking a shot of something fast moving is maybe a bird with a telephoto, and unless I go really high end that's often gonna be a challenge for just about everything.

I do think his continuing reference to "beginner" users was a bit off point. I don't think these days any "beginner" by any definition leaps into an ILC. Way too expensive. Maybe a pro photographer gives cameras like this to their kids, but probably only if they're doing really well.

Otherwise, I thought it was pretty good actually. Some of the tips were good as well. I would have liked to see him compare his panoramas to the sweep panos the camera does, and more on the wifi remote.

Wait...are you saying the camera can do sweep panoramic shots? I thought that it can't do that and that that feature is more an assist...stitching has to be done outside...

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