My Canon SX30IS got slightly wet in salt water. Need your advise.

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Binny Jeshan New Member • Posts: 2
My Canon SX30IS got slightly wet in salt water. Need your advise.


i am new to this forum, and this is my first query here. Please help.

I own a Canon Powershot SX30IS for last 3 years and worked fantastic. I face a problem that it came in contact with sea water accidently and below is how its now.

1. Last weekend when i took it to a vacation to a beach, i was just near the shore (3 meters in the water clicking pics of the coral.

2. Unfortunately a wave wiped of the bottom half of my camera (half of the level of lens) such that some water slipped in through the bottom side camera, in the gaps of the Batter Door area. ..

3. Out of curiosity, i opened the battery door, immediately in may be 20 seconds, removed the battery and checked inside. Looks like when i inverted, the water seepeed into the terminals that the battery touches and may be further into the chip that lies beneath it contacting the Power button, focus and dial buttions.

4. Please note that this amount of sea water was unfortunately Salt water, but fortunately very less in amount that i dont think it would have caused a full soak. I predict may be just close to the power area may be 20 % of the whole camera in maximum.

4. I kept it for dry for a day  and tried checking it. Below was happening

1) Couldn't extend the lens first

2) tried Rotatin the dial, could see very sliggish yet not clear movement of dial options on the screen

3) Tried extending lens, yes it moved and retracted back,

4) after sometime it  dint . it was showing screen as attached here.

5) Tried again after dying sometime It was also detecting that memory card was isnt there

6) after 2 days, it opned same way - working abnormally.. Switched off it.

7) i notice that when i Open the Door, Put the battery In, The GREEN LED glows without engaging the Power Button, and without closing the battery door even, and the camera Does not turn on even when power button is pressed later.

8) very rarely i get it opening - but working abnormally. Now i have not tried again, but want to take your advice.

Given the above symptoms that there was no physical damage, but some of them were seen working yet abnormally, What do you think. I like this camera the most and want to get it back to action . Feeling very sad ! Please advise the best. I live in India.

What steps should i do now? Should it be fine if it kept it under mild sunlight that beams into the house from the roof?



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