Oly 17mm 1.8, Oly 25mm 1.8 or the sigma 19mm?

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Re: Oly 17mm 1.8

arbuz wrote:

dv312 wrote:

If you have Oly body I'd stick with Oly lenses

Sure, that why we have u4/3 and not Olympus system. i wonder if you give the same advice for Panasonic owners.

They're calibrated/designed for the sensor/IBIS and CA and distortion are adjusted in camera

I didn't know there is a specific calibration for IBIS. Can you share this knowledge? CA are corrected for panasonic as well in new oly cameras.

As to focal length the 17mm is more versatile than the 25mm if you plan on using it for landscapes as well

You can get either in the used market for less now but don't skimp, buy the best and have no regrets later

Like if new lenses are feww from problems.

My recommendation: the 17mm, the most versatile MFT prime

the most average MTF prime

... if you think the 17mm is "most average" then I must have a very exceptional one !!.  I've used Pancakes for what must be about 5 years now..much prefer these for the FL which is ideally suited to my required pic-taking and of course  any of them are far better than any short zoom type..most of which are the popularly used kit-lenses..not really made as a quality lens.
But the Pannie 20mm in particular has always been and still is highly regarded of its type..the 14mm I've also used a lot and found (to me) better than the 20mm as it's a lot faster in operation and certainly quieter in use..THEY are generally regarded more than "average"... and my Oly 17mm simply blows these away for speed of focus AND quality.. without a doubt.

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