How well does the Panasonic GX7 perform with lenses that lack OIS like the Zuiko 12-42 EZ pancake?

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Re: How well does the Panasonic GX7 perform with lenses that lack OIS..

thornhale wrote:

You are probably right when it comes to photography.

One of the use scenarios will include filming a running kid in video mode. A tripod will most likely be too bulky to take videos on the fly. It would be nice for these kinds of scenarios to have something image stabilized. I am not sure how bad it would be without any IS though.

Be aware though that a tripod - of what you might call 'ordinary kind' not always a full answer to THAT sort of Video work. especially if it is an ordinary kind of tripod that may well be absolutely fine for general sort of work.. but "running kids" or anything at all like that, is not likely to be dealt with wholly satisfactorily by many kinds of tripods. A really top quality fluid head is the least likely to be that useful..a minimum "must" in a way for that.. movement OF THE TRIPOD HEAD has GOT to be absolutely steady , firm, yet "flexible" enough in the head movement to prevent ANY sort of jerky action which will most definitely and easily show for that action even with a lot of tripods.
There really are many facets to photography if you expect any kind of high expectations... with even that kind of shot...a really good camera hold..with BOTH hands of course.. and maybe arms supported in some way additionally by resting on something.. with practice you could maybe get a fairly good Vid without the tripod giving a rigid 'fixed' point and when panning CAN be less than smooth and stable.
There's no shortcut to success.. trial and error ..patience.. and experience..takes time..but is always worth it eventually

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