What ISO to keep on A mode?

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Ido S
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"I care about picture quality, not pixel quality"

The great Jay Maisel's own words, who doesn't understand people who shoot at low ISOs simply to get the best "quality". He says that by using ISO 1600, he's getting better quality pictures than he does at low ISOs, because it allows him to get deeper depth of field to ensure that the subject is in focus, while maintaining a high shutter speed to prevent motion blur.

Just use an ISO that works for what you're trying to achieve creatively. I only go out of automatic ISO when I use a tripod, in which case I just use the base ISO, because I'm going for a relatively long exposure which I can't comfortably handhold, or if I want to print the photo very, very large. My OM-D E-M5 is smart enough to raise the ISO if the shutter speed drops below 1/60 sec. when shooting with a 60mm or lower focal length, or if it drops below 1/focal length when the focal length exceeds 60mm. the 1/60 barrier can be customized, but I find that it's actually the best option - while I can comfortably handhold in slower shutter speeds thanks to the camera's great image stabilization system, 1/60 is usually fast enough to eliminate motion blur.

I never like letting the camera pick an aperture for me without a way to alter it, as I may get out of focus images because of not having enough depth of field, or perhaps the camera will choose a narrow aperture, and I will have more in focus than I would want. That's why I never use Shutter Priority mode, and switch to Manual mode with automatic ISO when I want to control the shutter speed directly, but still let the camera meter and figure out the correct exposure, without having to dial changes in very often.

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