What ISO to keep on A mode?

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Re: What ISO to keep on A mode?

Sandy70 wrote:

I figured out that I would like to stick to A mode when i require to shoot non-moving objects. I would switch to S mode when i want to change speed frequently. Would that be a right approach for a beginner like me?

Aperture priority can be used for non moving objects, but in general it's for when you want to control the aperture. For instance, if you were taking pictures in low light, you might want your aperture open all the way to allow the most light in regardless of whether the subject is moving or not. The draw back to this is that your depth of field may be too shallow or your lens might not be at it's sharpest wide open.

For rotineday time still images, eg landscape,street views,portraits, What should be the starting ISO-200/400 range?.


I generally try to keep my ISO as low as I can, but to figure out a good ISO range to keep things within, you'll need to do some testing. As you increase ISO, the image will become noisy (grainier). How high you can set it before it becomes unacceptable is up to you. I would take your camera and take some pictures at each ISO setting to figure out how high that limit is for you.

When shooting, what I do is figure out which I want to control. If I'm trying to freeze action and know I want at least 1/500 for shutter for instance, then I'll use shutter priority.

So I set my shutter speed to 1/500, ISO to 100, and let the camera take care of the aperture. If the aperture is at it's widest, but the image is still under exposed, I'll raise my ISO until it's properly exposed. If I have to raise my ISO too high, I might drop my shutter speed a little bit or let things be a tiny bit underexposed. You always want to try and get things properly exposed, but sometimes you can get away with a little bit in either direction.

With aperture priority it's basically the same general idea.

However if you're in bright light shutter speed may be high enough to freeze action even when using 100 ISO, so I would probably stay in aperture priority anyways.

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Good luck and happy shooting!

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