What ISO to keep on A mode?

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Re: What ISO to keep on A mode?

BobSC wrote:


Curious thing in the graph on the last link -- they show the EP2 having less noise at 800 than 400, and in fact almost as little noise at 800 as 200. That's wild!

Noise may be lower, but possibly only because of more aggressive noise reduction, which has its own problems.  In their E-P2 review, they say, "The Olympus E-P2's images are quite clean at ISO 100, and ISO 200 is almost as good. We start to see some bright as well as dark noise pixels at ISO 400, but detail is still very good, with just a hint of chroma noise creeping into the shadows. ISO 800 is quite a bit softer due to more aggressive noise reduction, but detail is not too bad." http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/EP2/EP2IMAGING.HTM

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