70-200mm F4 on A6000

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Re: I found a camera for you

Siobhan A wrote:

Dandrewk wrote:

Thanks to this thread, I have reevaluated my want/need for the A7. It seems some posters think the ONLY reason for a small, mirror less camera is size.

Since the final image is more important than size, I found the perfect camera for you! The D610. Dxo likes the sensor a little more than the A7 and because there are so many more lenses you will improve that advantage even more!. There is focusing too which is not close. While all the A7 owners miss shots or try to maually focus, you will snap away specially in low light an getting the shots. It really appears the Nikon - which has thousands of lenses available - can do anything better, and as you say, size is less important! I am off to buy an APS nikon today since ALL these camera are pretty big - none will fit in a purse with the 70-200 lens. See you in the Nikon forums!

As some of us are actually interested in this lens and camera combo and would like to intelligently discuss it, could you please stop crapping up the thread with your DSLR fetish? Yes, go to the Nikon forums, and no need to check back in to let us know how it is.


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