Selling photos online?

Started Aug 15, 2001 | Discussions thread
TonyMarsh Contributing Member • Posts: 507
Bureau of Freelance Photographers (UK)

In the UK you might want to take a look at the Bureau of Freelance Photographers Quoting their website intro:

"The Bureau of Freelance Photographers was established in 1965 to help freelance and aspiring freelance photographers to sell their pictures."

I found out about this from a guy here who sells some of his own photos and encouraged me to do the same. I've sent away for an info pack, but haven't decided yet whether to pay £45 annual subscription.


Alex [Scorpio] wrote:

I keep reading that some people are going to sell
their photos online (on and other sites).
Is it worth to try to sell photos - do people buy them?
Where can I find more information (what's the category
for such pics on


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