GH4 new AF system better for fast moving BIF?

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Re: GH4 new AF system better for fast moving BIF?

photofan1986 wrote:

amtberg wrote:

The main problem I've had with BIF with GH2/3 is that AFC can't lock on a BIF to begin with. I'd be a little surprised if the GH4 is better in that respect. Will find out soon!

Well, I would not be that surprised, as the GM1 (my most recent Panasonic body) is already pretty competent with continuous autofocus, much more than my E-M5.

Since this type of focusing is software based and also relies on the sensor readout and CPU, over time it will get optimized and improve.  My guess is every new model will outperform the last.  New ideas like Panasonics and PDAF pixels will add to the improvements.  I forgot what we are up to now in checking focus, but I know it is at least 120 times a second.

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