any issues with the A6000 body?

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Re: any issues with the A6000 body?

ryan92084 wrote:

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Light leaks?

Shutter shock?

Continuous focus not good enough?

Other issues?

I have a problem with AF-S - inconsistent results, worse than AF-C for static subjects.

I thought that for static subjects AF-S should be more precise, because it does first PDAF, and then fine-trims it with CDAF - not in my experience.

I can clearly see : all AF-C shots are in focus, 50-70 % of the AF-S shots are not.

Also, in DMF mode, if I adjust the focus ring I have focused shots, if I don't, many shots are not well focused - probably it uses AF-S.

Anybody else has the same problem ?

You should probably return it then?

I want first to see if it is a general problem, or it is my camera.

Your's works well ?

Is this still just with the 18-200 or have you replicated it with other lenses? I only have the kit as an AF lens and I haven't had an issue like this yet but I'll work with it some more this afternoon.

The problem is there with all E-mount lenses, it is more or less accentuated, but there.

If you look at your images full screen it is possible you will never notice the issue, or blame it on lens softness, ISO noise or motion blur.

You can see it at 100 view: the AF-C images are crisp, the AF-S images are softer.

I tested them both, AF-C vs AF-S with center, or flexible spot.

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