70-200mm F4 on A6000

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The real point is...


When you buy a DSLR you are stuck with the large body allways! When you buy a mirrorless camera you can go very small. Look here for an example (I took the smallest DLSR (Canon Rebel SL1) and the A6000, both with the smallest lens available.

Now let's base a system on both cameras. In this system we will put the next lenses:
35mm stabilized lens
50 mm lens f1.8
16-50mm kit zoom lens
70-200mm f4 zoom lens

Lets compare the weight:

Sony / Canon

Camera:      344 gram  /407 gram
35mm:        155 gram / 335 gram
50mm:        202 gram / 130 gram16-50mm:   116 gram / 200 gram (Canon lens is 18-55mm)
70-200mm: 840 gram / 760 grams
Total:        1657gram / 1832 grams

As you can see a total system with the Sony is not as heavy as a total system with the smallest Canon. This can be a very important reason to go for the mirrorless camera. And when you don't need the large zoom lens you leave it at home and only go with the smaller primes and kit zoom lens, then the Sony system drups unde 1000 grams (817 grams) but the Canon stays at 1072 grams.

Yes when the 70-200mm lens is your only lens, then the DSLR may be the better choice, but in all the other cases a mirrorless camera is way better. (and dont forget the other benefits of the A6000, like the tilting LCD, the programmable buttons, the fast tracking AF, and the extra Mega Pixels. All in all the Sony is a great camera, small when it can be, larger when you need the extra quality of the FF lens.

Oh and that is an other thing to remember, you can get smaller lenses with 200mm on the Sony too, look here

As you can see, you have choice on the A6000, something the big DSLRs misses.

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