Preferred travel zoom for m4/3?

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Re: Preferred travel zoom for m4/3?

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Which zoom lenses do people like for travel? I know the 12-40/2.8 is highly lauded but I'm not sure I want to plunk down $1000 for my first lens if I buy a m4/3 camera. Are the 14-140 and 14-150 lenses good (I ask as I'm leery of 10:1 superzooms). If yes, what is best to pair for indoor-oriented shots? Many thanks in advance.

My favorite travel zoom is the 7-14mm, along with a bunch of primes. For nature trips, I add a100-300mm.

My original M4/3 kit was a GH2 with 14-140mm I, 20mm and 7-14mm (yes, an expensive zoom, but quite unique and I also use it for my business… tax write-off! ). This really covered all the bases I needed at the time. It's good to have a fast prime for indoor, night time and low light shooting. I find a 17mm extremely versatile, although a 20mm or 25mm are good, too.

If you want to keep things simple, a GX7 / 20mm kit along with the 14-140mm II ($700) would serve you well. For a bit less money, and a bit more complexity, the GX7 / 20mm kit, a 14-42mm II ($225) and 45-150mm ($200). These are all very well regarded and reasonably priced lenses.

I know the majority suggest you buy one of the top-of-the-line zooms, but unless you really know what you want/need, it's really not necessary. You can get excellent results from far less expensive zooms + a good fast prime for low light. Besides, you may decide you prefer primes to zooms… yes, it does happen! … so why blow a pile of dough on a lens you don't really like? THAT happens, too!

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