Buying Em-1 with 12-40 and 45 1.8 OR 25 1.4, 45 1.8 and a wide prime later?

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Buying Em-1 with 12-40 and 45 1.8 OR 25 1.4, 45 1.8 and a wide prime later?


Current situation: I am looking to get an upgraded set of equipment. Right now I am pretty sure that I will buy the Em-1 as it represents a significant improvement from my old epl-2. Then I will hold it for 3-4 years before making another upgrade. However, I am really unsure about new lens... Therefore I hope I can get some advice from experienced folks here:

My shooting style / photography knowledge:

  • I used to shoot strictly manual lens when I started (Nikon AIS, Canon FD, Voig...) but sold off most of them recently
  • I always want the best quality possible
  • EM-1 would be my fist high-end camera.
  • I don't mind zooming by foot and moving around to get the best composition
  • My prefer focal lengths / ideal set-up is: 14 - 24 - 50 - 100 - 135/150 - 200
  • I like shooting people > street photography > other categories
  • Just an enthusiast - busy but always take shots if time permits
  • Currently learning about flashes / more complicated lighting situations / buying first slave flash and other accessories
  • HOWEVER, I also value versatility and the 12 - 40 provides just that

Trade-offs from my POV:

Given my style/knowledge, how would you evaluate these trade-offs for these options?

  1. Versatility v. Quality
  2. Up-front Cost (very similar) v. Future cost (not sure?)
  3. Weight v. Hassle of changing lens
  4. Best route to my ideal set up

Other questions:

  1. Is this worth it to have both 12-40 and 45? 75 1.8 is great and all but I don't have the cash right now. I already have a Voig 58 1.4 so I don't feel the need to get that 75 1.8 right now.
  2. Pana 25 vs Oly 25?: I have tried very hard to justify one over another but can't. I prefer the 25 1.4 atm.
  3. EM-1 OR EM-10 OR wait for em-5 MK2 ?: Ok I am not sure about that either. Given my skill level, which one for now and hold for another 3 years?

Thanks for reading, hope to get some responses and recommendations from you guys. Any idea is appreciated.

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