When will the 24-105 f4 be Updated? Ever?

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Re: more than a year agao: 24-70 f/4 IS

Bassman2003 wrote:

I would have to disagree with the 24-70mm as being a replacement for the 24-105mm. Yes, Canon can state that it is close and fills a gap but 70-105mm is a very useful range to have onboard without a lens change.

My point is that they can keep selling the original 24-105mm and come out with new, better version for more money and I bet a lot of us would pay it to get rid of the compromises.

I recently bought a 24~70/4IS, not as a replacement for my 24~105 but as an alternative, and I use either one as appropriate. I usually carry a 70~200/4IS, so the limitation to 70mm is not a problem. The 24~70/4IS is significantly better optically at the ends of its range (especially at 24mm), and (according to quantitative tests) comparable at 50mm. The main attraction for me, however, is the close-up/macro capability, for occasions when I may want to take close-ups but do not want to carry a separate macro lens. The focus shift at 70mm MFD is a bit of a nuisance, but the same framing can be achieved in the MACRO range with little if any focus shift, which is an acceptable workround. On its introduction the 24~70/4 was seriously over-priced, but appears to have been repositioned to a much more acceptable level.

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