My 58mm f1.4 review (on Df and D4). Shots and experience in the field, not test chart review.

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Same story, different brand

I remember when the 50mm 1.2L was released, people were throwing stones. Even when the focus shift issue was improved 3 years down the road, the lens never garnered a large following except in the wedding photographer & perhaps cinematography crowd.

Fortunately canon users are more ready to accept lenses which do not focus on sharpness as the primary strength & characteristic. To me the 50mm 1.2L was the to-go-to lens when it comes to bokeh rendition (i'm perfectly fine with cat's eye bokeh) & color. It beats the 85L & 35L hands down.

We at the Nikon end are very used to lenses with hard sharpness. IMHO, nikkor lenses never really placed much emphasis on colour & contrast. To each his own, I felt that most of the AF-D lenses were sharp & great for the generation, but lacked good contrast & saturation. Lenses like the 85mm 1.4D gained good reputation for portraiture for this very reason.

With the advent of Nano lenses began a generation of Nikkor lenses that delivered fantastic color. The current Nano G trinity zoom lenses retained the hard sharpness Nikon characteristic which is great for event work, but the Nano G primes seem to be made to deliver great bokeh, contrast with sharpness as an important but somewhat secondary feature. That is perfectly fine if you ask the wedding crowd.

So there you have it. 58mm f/1.4G... obviously it will take a few generations for people to finally realize the beauty of the lens.

And with regards to the recent Sigma lenses, I dislike the 35 1.4 Art due to the color rendition & hard sharpness which was only delivered in the center. Although the 35 1.4G is less sharp in the centre & has more CA, the colors & overall field sharpness trumps the sigma.

To each his own.

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