My new favorite lens 58mm 1.4g!!

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Re: My new favorite lens 58mm 1.4g!!

I can see why you like this lens! These photos are wonderful, and I really love almost every photo I've seen posted here and elsewhere from this lens. However, you have made a big mistake--there are some guys over in the thread comparing bokeh of the Otus, Sigma 50 ART, and this lens, who say this lens is no good, not worth the money, made of plastic, and wrongly designed. One of them has experience in 'optics'! So, there's nothing more to be said. It's not sharp for chrissake! So, these pictures can't be any good, and I'm a fool to want one for myself.

If only I had a background in 'optics', I would be able to understand why these photos are no good, but I don't; anyway kudos to you, even if you are wrong and your pictures are lovely-but incorrect!. Not sharp=wrong. They explain all that over in the other thread.

I want one but know I will be mocked by those who have experience in 'optics', so I can't possibly buy one. It would be wrong not to buy the Sigma ART 50 instead. It's sharp! Unlike yours, which enables the lovely rendition. Sadly perplexing, but we must go with sharp! Sharp is the Precious!


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