Bokeh comparison between Sigma, Otus and Nikkor 58mm

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Re: My Thoughts....

coreyh wrote:

The 58mm has great bokeh, but sharpness is lacking. If you differ from that opinion then how about you point me to a review that states it has great sharpness. I could care less about convincing you and like I said I'm just stating my opinion. Looks like you have an agenda though to make sure everyone knows this is the best lens ever created

You are right, I do have an agenda. My agenda is to persuade away from an increasing obsession with "sharpness" for "sharpness' sake." The lens is irrelevant to my agenda.

Sharpness is relative to what is needed for the intended display purposes IMHO and the recent obsession with sharpness is distracting many from learning and executing good photographic technique.

Many will tell you that good photographic technique, properly executed is more important in achieving "sharpness" in an image than a lens MTF performance "score" on a flat, black and white wall chart at a distance of 40X focal length, mounted on a tripod, mirror up with even lighting, etc, etc.

Obsession with "sharpness" also distracts from other photographic skills.

The analogy is with cars...

The obsession amongst many with having the "fastest" or the "fastest accelerating" cars detracts from learning good driving technique.To many it

Good driving technique can save your life in an unfortunate emergency. Good photographic technique will help anyone produce more beautiful and desirable images.

My agenda is really to see more emphasis on rendering beautiful images, preferably in the camera, with less devotion to pixel-peeping images at impossible display detail levels.

As to your desire to see a review showing that this lens has "great sharpness"... I think you will anticipate what I will say... why don't you look at sites where this lens renders unbelievably beautiful photos?

Anyway, here are sites that can show you both...

Please let me know your thoughts when you review the images in these galleries.



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