Preferred travel zoom for m4/3?

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Re: I understand that. Last paragraph for OP.

Corkcampbell wrote:

I understand that; I rely on the 3 Sigmas, a Pany 14mm, and Oly 45 & 75 lenses; the 12mm Oly you mention is on my short list. The only prime I've ever dumped (for m4/3) is the Pany 20mm.

However, the OP asked about zooms and also mentioned indoor use; he/she might be able to get one of the 2.8 zooms discussed from eBay or KEH. That's actually what I'll be checking out if I decide to invest in them, probably the Pany versions. To help fund the purchases, I would probably sell at least my 75mm, which is not used much - like the Sigma 60mm better, actually.

A little off topic, but the RX10 I mentioned earlier is an excellent travel camera, even weathersealed. It's especially attractive for those like the OP, who just want one zoom. It's a fixed 2.8, of course and of excellent quality, with stabilization. It's a bit big (like my GH3), but is a great all-in-one package, with excellent ergonomics. Of course, it's principal benefit is high level video but, as the reviews here and on other sites point out, its stills are plenty good. Sony really tweaked that sensor and processing engine.

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Yeah, if you want a travel zoom for not much more than the Olympus 12-40 then the Sony RX10 is an option. It makes things easy as you don't have to worry about carting around multiple lenses. The 12-40 will produce higher quality images, but if you want 200mm equivalency then it's not to be sneezed at.

If you're budget constrained though, there is nothing particularly wrong with the 14-42, or 12-50. If you have an EM1 the 12-50 is whether sealed.

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