Bokeh comparison between Sigma, Otus and Nikkor 58mm

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Stacey_K wrote:

coreyh wrote:

I can also enhance my bokeh very easily in post process by using a radial filter with a slight blur. I cannot however, rid the 58mm of the lack of sharpness and micro contrast.

I'd love to see some before and after samples showing how you very easily create 3D bokeh!

I do see a lot of nice web size images from the 58mm. They do have very nice bokeh, but when people are brave enough to post 100% crops @ f1.4 I cringe.

Well are you brave enough to post your PP shots that equal the look from this lens, as you claim you can very easily do?

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Wow, touchy group.  LOL.  I could care less if people like my opinion.  Just stating it at no time did I say I could create 3d bokeh on a 2d image.  If you think you can create 3d images with your 58mm, then I sorry for you and I can understand then why you think the lens is sharp.

I don't have time to post images.  I do what I do to make my clients happy.  I can tell you though, that clients can tell and slightly soft photo way easier than they can notice differences in bokeh.

That said, any lens in the hands of a great photographer is going to produce magical images.

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