Bokeh comparison between Sigma, Otus and Nikkor 58mm

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TQGroup wrote:

coreyh wrote:

The 58mm 1.4g is just not sharp enough for my liking. You can slice it any way you want, but it is just not a sharp lens wide open. It does sharpen up nicely by f2 and that is where I see a lots of photographers shooting @ with this lens. I can't help but think they are shooting at this aperture because they want the extra sharpness, not because they want the extra depth of field, but I could be wrong and there actually may be photographers out there that purchase f1.4 lenses and faster just to shoot them stopped down.

How sharp is "sharp enough" for you? Please explain in a way I can understand. Please. I've asked many times on this forum and no one seems to have an answer...

For me, "sharp enough" is to produce slightly cropped 24x36 inch prints and / or clear definition on the emerging 4K UHD TV standard (8MPX). After that, "more sharpness" is superfluous.

I guess its like cars... I own two and both can do better than 220 km/hour. Unfortunately, the speed limit in Australia is 110 km/hour. So the extra "speed potential" is totally unusable, except on a racetrack. Or to brag about...

So it is with photography. There are a very limited few who need every possible bit of resolution for their genuine paid work and these will seek out and buy (or hire) the absolute "best" resolving lenses for their specific tasks. For the rest of us, it is all about pixel-peeping and bragging, I suspect.

I am not one of those. I purchase f1.4 lenses to shoot @ f1.4 and stop down when I need which isn't very often because I like shallow depth of field. I also like sharpness and the 58mm just looks like you smeared toothpaste all over the front element @ f1.4. The Sigma however, looks very nice with high sharpness and most importantly, very good micro contrast wide open. The 58mm is just soft and lacks contrast.

Please show me the "real world" comparative photos on which you base your "colourful" assertions. I have been keenly awaiting to see these and I'm sure they will be welcomed by the forum at large!

I can also enhance my bokeh very easily in post process by using a radial filter with a slight blur. I cannot however, rid the 58mm of the lack of sharpness and micro contrast.

I do not believe you understand bokeh, OOF and /or "3D rendering" too well. For example, did you know superior lenses actually have different bokeh characteristics before and after the actual "zone of maximum sharpness?"

I think everyone reading this forum is "on the edge of their seats" awaiting your explanation of how to achieve this PP breakthrough using a "radial filter". Please do not keep us in suspense too long...

If the lens is capable of nice sharp images @ f2.0 and keep the nice bokeh like the 58mm does, then I see no reason except a screw up that it cannot shoot sharply @ f1.4 and also have nice bokeh.

Please consider the possibility that a skilled photographer may wish to make use of the different rendering a "sophisticated" lens can produce between images shot at F1.4 and those at F2.

On a masterpiece like the Nikon 58 F1.4, images will be subtly different at these two focal lengths and that is a feature discerning photographers seek as it increases the range of creative possibilities. Sadly, this lens is not intended for the "mass market" who, unfortunately "just don't get it".

I do see a lot of nice web size images from the 58mm. They do have very nice bokeh, but when people are brave enough to post 100% crops @ f1.4 I cringe.

Why? Do you have a "cultural cringe?"

The 58mm has great bokeh, but sharpness is lacking.  If you differ from that opinion then how about you point me to a review that states it has great sharpness.  I could care less about convincing you and like I said I'm just stating my opinion.  Looks like you have an agenda though to make sure everyone knows this is the best lens ever created

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