What ISO to keep on A mode?

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Re: What ISO to keep on A mode?

MarshallG wrote:

So under bright, well-lit conditions like you describe, you can let ISO get pretty high with that camera if you want to. The review also points out that the lens has peak sharpness at f/4.0 - f/11, and at f/8 - f/11 in Macro mode. You should read through the review again, now that you own the camera, and you might pick up a few more pointers like that.

Low light is when ISO control comes into its own, particularly if you use Auto-ISO.

With wide angle lenses indoors (e.g. Churches etc.), there's no possibility of using flash, so you need to push everything to the limit to get the shot. I have some hand-held shots at 1/15s and high ISO that maybe wouldn't make it into the pages of National geographic, but are fine to show the relatives.

It takes about as long to post a question on DPR as it does to give your camera an ISO workout.

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