FD to M43 focal reducer problem, also which FD lens do you suggest ?

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Vivitar 28 f2

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The difference between L and non-L FD lenses can be quite slim. I think the FDn 35/2 and FD 35/2 Thorium Concave versions are both super sharp (though tested on APS-C), comparable wide open to the 85/1.2 L at f2.

That's why I didn't say all.

Lots of people like the 24 f2 over the 24 1.4 L as well (though both are nice as is the 24 2.8).

To the OP's original question, why not the FDn 24/2 or 28/2? Both are superb (but pricey these days. I got my 28/2 for $80 back in the day and now they go for $200 and the 24/2 goes for even more and is much rarer). The 28/2 has better across the frame sharpness than the 24/2 so I'd prefer that one for speedbooster use.

There is also the Vivitar 24 f2 you can get that in FD mount and I think may be ok (I have the similar 28 f2 in K mount and it is sharp but has distortion).

I had just checked Vivitar FD mount 28mm F2 availability and it is priced at £120 ($201) so with a regular adapter it will translate to FF 56mm or with the focal reducer (though I still have not solved the min aperture issue yet) to FF 40mm which I guess it is still acceptable for filming as well not too wide.

The lens was made by a Kiron (55mm filter thread) and Komine (49mm filter thread)...I thought there were others too but could be wrong.

Be careful with these old Vivitars, while I like them they can have stuck blades from oil.

I had two 28 f2 Vivitars, bot the Kiron ones and one did have stuck blades....ended up destroying it (one with stuck blades) anyway though. I still use the other from time to time....it takes a IR filter I have.

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