Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 - Background Defocus!

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Re: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 - Background Defocus!

On my HX300, there is a message that appears on the screen "recommended distance to subject 30 cm."

If I do that, with something like a flower, and there is nothing close to that distance behind it, I find background defocus works.

If everything is 30 cm away, or nothing is 30 cm away, I get the message "could not perform background defocus"

For the photo you posted as your goal, the camera was a lot farther away than 30 cm. The
HX300 will not be able to make that kind of image. (Despite the fact that the background defocus icon seems to indicate that it could, being a persons head with the mountain behind it.) I am afraid this is an example of poor implementation and product description by Sony.  Typically instrument manuals are written long before software is finalized, partly because of how massive a project it is to have manuals in every language.   Then when software does not live up to the intention, you end up with "mitigations" like the message appearing on the screen.   I have seen this in a lot of projects I have worked on.  There is some moment of crisis during product development when the programmers say "this won't work completely correct." and then someone has to decide what to do about it. Remove the feature, change the icon,(we can't the manuals are already printed) put a message in the software, hope no one tries to use the feature, etc.

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