Preferred travel zoom for m4/3?

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Re: Preferred travel zoom for m4/3?

Ah - so many choices (and so many opinions).

I have the EM10 and love it. Just got back from a few days in Tennessee (Memphis and Nashville) and took the EM10, the Oly 14-42EZ for general shooting, the Oly 17mm/1.8 for low light indoors and at night and the Oly 9mm Pancake for some fun.

I have "lusted" over the 12-40 lens for a while and while I still really like what I have seen from it, I don't know if I really want to carry it around (especially when traveling). Now I realize that compared to the equivalent zooms from other systems (even the zooms I had for my Olympus 4/3 cameras) the 12-40 is still relatively small and light. But compared to most other m4/3 lenses it is huge and heavy.

So I guess it all depends on what is more important to you personally - a shot at the best image quality (then that $1000 large lens is probably your best bet) or several prime lenses. Or the size/weight/convenience of either one of the "travel super zooms" or one of the smaller "kit" zooms. I am like you and always felt that the 10X zooms were too compromised. I have read very good things of the newer ones, but my experience (again older zooms - the Olympus 18-180 for 4/3 and the original Olympus 14-150 for m4/3) was not that wonderful. (And this is coming from someone who is not a pixel peeper, constantly blowing up images to see how sharp they are.)

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