What ISO to keep on A mode?

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Re: What ISO to keep on A mode?

BobSC wrote:

I set ISO to the lowest setting and only move it if I need to for faster shutter speeds.

Depending on the type of camera, you might have an "auto-ISO" setting.  It is often not obvious, but you can set the camera on manual, and still use auto-ISO.

What I often do shooting in daylight where there's shadows and frequently changing conditions is set the ISO to 100 (lowest), set auto-ISO on, and set manual.  Then I set the shutter for what I need to stop action (caveat below), the aperture for what I need for depth of field, and the camera sets the ISO as needed.

The caveat is that you need to make sure you have enough shutter speed (or aperture) so that the light is not too bright for the lowest ISO.  In my camera I can see the ISO actually being used in the viewfinder, and just make sure it is above 100 (i.e. if it is 100 it may be too bright and can't go lower).

The advantage of this is that you do not need to chose shutter or aperture as your controllable feature. You can control both, and still get good exposure.

Incidentally in this setting the auto-iso minimum shutter speed is ignored, since you are setting the explicit shutter speed.

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