70-200mm F4 on A6000

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120-->35: indeed, what is needed are fast primes in short tele FLs range

120 to 35 wrote:

Many of us have been waiting patiently for E-mount telephoto primes. If we had the option of compact 85mm, 135mm and 200mm primes with good IQ then we would just forget about the zoom and leave it to those who really need it.

  • like many here I do share their mania for as small as possible... compact yet rugged and with superior build quality MILC bodies;
  • the smaller - with a compact, RF-like frontal profile - the better;
  • a perfect example would be N7-classic,
  • or... RX-1, esp. if offered with a built-in EVF & flushed with the top plate;
  • the N7 allowed me to shave 1/2 the weight of the Eos 7d, and would be a perfect implementation of what I need,
  • if not... for its non-existing AF'ing capability where in concerns fast, dynamic action shooting;
  • the a6k is supposedly able to fill the AF'ing gap, although it does suffer on a ruggedness front;
  • BUT where it concerns uncorrected optical IQ I'm not inclined to buy any compromised lens design - a superior IQ would be my top priority = the excellent sensors from S. do not deserve anything less ;
  • which is why any of the: 85/1.4, 135/2 or 200/2.8 (the last one preferably with OSS) would be a very good contender for robbing my wallet - IFF indeed uncompromissed optical IQ will be offered


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