Is this the best I can expect from D800?

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Re: Some in this thread are missing an important point

michaeladawson wrote:

wireless wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

If shutter delay prevents this "resonance" then it has to be caused by the mirror rather than shutter activation.

Robin, would you elaborate on this a bit?

I found on my 800 that at lower shutter speeds <1/100 that shutter delay does indeed make the image sharper. I found this when fine tuning and noticed CDAF was consistently sharper than PDAF. Someone suggested that I try shutter delay or increase the shutter speed. Either corrected the problem.

My question - I thought shutter activation occurred when the mirror went up and down. Is shutter activation instead just the capture of the image that the sensor is seeing while the mirror is the physical movement of same? That is, shutter activation is more of an electronic action?

regards, David

What's to elaborate on? In shutter delay the mirror goes up when you first press the shutter release button. There is then a delay before the shutter curtain is activated. This allows for mirror vibrations to dampen out. Finally, the shutter curtain is opened and a photo is taken.

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Mike Dawson

What Mike said. You want the mirror induced movement to settle down before the shutter opens. I use the 3 sec. setting, but you could experiment with your tripod setup to see if you can get away with the 1 or 2 sec. settings.

You can also use Mup (Mirror Up) when you need more than 3 sec. for the camera to settle. This is handy with telescopes and some macro setups. You press the shutter release (using a remote is recommended) once and the mirror goes up. Press it again and the shutter opens. You determine the time between the two.

When using Live View, the mirror is already up so no need for a shutter delay. That might account for CDAF being sharper than PDAF although it could be your PDAF is out of calibration.

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