With your 5D3 raw files, what's your lightroom develop workflow?

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Your story has grown tiresome.

RedFox88 wrote:

The Photo Ninja wrote:

I really wish there were more starting places.

Dude, with Lightroom are are infinite starting places! Adjust your sliders, choices of many, and make it a preset. The back of your camera likely shows you an overly bright, high contrast, high saturation presentation that isn't representative of the RAW data you captured! You must comprehend the concept of a "starting place" in Lightroom which is a preset. The "default" settings as you import a file with the standard setting is a preset. I avoid "adobe" camera profiles, using Camera Neutral personally, since that is very little contrast, saturation applied.

You may need to buy a book on Lightroom if you've been using it for years but still cannot comprehend the vast tools and flexibility it offers.

Yeah yeah yeah you're awesome and the best and you can pull a perfect burnt umber or sky blue out of your a$$ with any channel curve in any photograph evar and anyone who can't needs to read a book.


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