FD to M43 focal reducer problem, also which FD lens do you suggest ?

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Re: FD to M43 focal reducer problem, also which FD lens do you suggest ?

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Sounds to me like you might need to modify the aperture tab, either on the lens caus its to long or on the adapter side. Sand ir down to a semi-circle profile.
I will post my pics tommorow. i had to mod the adapter tab for my 58mm f1.2 FL lens

It also depends on what side is the aperture sliding ring se while you are mounting the lens.

Unfortunately FD mount us very complicated to use quickly...
Rick Halle wrote:

" Keep in mind that tall buildings sway back and forth so they require faster shutter speeds."

None of the FL lenses will fit the Zhongyi or its derivatives except the FL 35mm f2.5 with the hump back which actually slips straight on (accident?) but will not fit the RJ (ever). However all other FD/FL lenses will fit straight on to the more roomy RJ design. A small flat filed into the FL lens aperture rod will allow them to be mounted on the Zhongyi.

Mounting FD/FL lenses is an acquired skill.

The lenses I am using are FD and from what I have learned from other replies in this thread I have an old FD version which is marked by a chrome ring.

The issue I am encountering is that I cant turn the ring any more than 1/2 inch until it tightens, also the min aperture is restricted to around F4.8 and I am not sure about infinity focus yet as I have to wait until daylight to do some testing.


Make sure that the aperture lever is not hitting on something when you try and mount it. On the FD the lever sometimes is slightly bent and needs to be re-adjusted. The Zhongyi and brands it is sold underneath is a particularly tight fit and the lever can hit on the element surround.

I dont think this lever is hitting anything, however it is hard to tell as in the case of the focal reducer I cant see what is happening from behind the focal reducer lens.

The only other thing is to make sure that the aperture lever is on the correct side of the actuating lever when mounting. It is an acquired skill and the FL/FD mounting procedure is one of the trickiest in the business. I now know to always check the aperture actuation every time I mount one of these treasures. I still get it wrong occasionally.

If this is not the problem then there must be some problem with the lens mount. It is tricky to get used to the mounting procedure but the rest of the system is pretty straight forward and should be reliable.

I may have 20+ FL/FD lenses and they all mount up fine.

I just did a test to see if there is an actual gain in light stops compared to my Pan 12-35mm F2.8 and it is actually right, F4 on the Canon FD lens translates to F2.8 on the Panny.

Whilst I was doing this I noticed that I can stop down to F5.6 which is a half stop lower than what I have quoted in the first post of F4.8, also when I tried to tighten by force (hopefully I did not do a lot of hard to the lens mount) I gained another 1/2 stop.

So it looks like I will file/sand the upper surface of the mount on the focal reducer.

Once this proves a success I will stack another lens, probably what was suggested on another reply which would be Vivitar FD 28mm F2.0

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