70-200mm F4 on A6000

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I hope that is not the real FE 70-200. There is no advantage over a small DSLR.

How do you propose that they make a smaller 70-200mm f4 internal zoom?

Canon and nikon are smaller. Check diameters and see it could be smaller.

Totally insignificant differences.

A small difference in diameter equates to a larger difference in size due the nature of diameter vs. 3 dimensions. So could the Sony be smaller, yes. What is more significant is the focus ability of a DSLR over the A6000 which is either close to or behind the Nikon 1. The Nikon 1 is a step behind DSLRs. I advocate keeping a NEX 6 or 7 or A6000, but don't spend $1500 on this lens. Get a manual focus lens or get a DSLR and 70-200mm lens.

Post this question in the open forum to be fair if you wish and we can see what everyone says.

So, you suggest carrying a DSLR in addition to a mirrorless system in order to save a wee bit of diameter on one lens. Good plan.

No. I recommend buying a DSLR and lens if you plan on taking action pictures and saving some money too. The DSLR will do a better job and won't miss near as much. Still keep the smaller camera for when it is better.

My store just received an a6000. During lunch we compared it to a D3300 and D5300. The D3300 and D5300 were more comfortable to hold. We put the 18-200 on the a6000. Yuck. That made my decision. I am going the small DSLR route since there are still many focus problems being reported on the a6000. Since I want longer lenses, size difference - and I check in person- is gone.

But my solution won't be a DSLR. If a6000 w/70-200 f/4 atleast matches my current choice (NEX-6+EA2+200/2.8), it will be outperforming these DSLRs and will be my personal pick for its awesome versatility.

I was really, really turned off by the a6000 at the store. We tried everything. With the 18-200 it was uncomfortable and didn't focus anywhere near as well as the D3300 on the people walking around. I hope Sony fixes it, but in reading the history is not good compared to a DSLR. I am going with the proven camera and lenses and passing on the hand cramps. Good luck.

Did the 18-200 have the firmware upgrade? If not, probably a good thing to know before time for conclusions . . .

Lots of folks are having good results with the A6000/SEL18200 with action stuff.



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