70-200mm F4 on A6000

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kcamacho11 wrote:

This is just my opinion, but when I see pictures like this I ask myself what is the point of someone switching from a DSLR to small mirrorless cameras like the Sony's (which are amongst the smallest and lightest).

The main reason why I switched from Nikon DSLRs to Sony NEX (now a6000) is to avoid carrying larger camera bodies, heavier/larger lenses and flash equipment. I was tired of lugging around all that gear during my vacation trips.

Today, I own an a6000 with 18-55, 55-210 and 35 F1.8. Those lenses are lighter than a darn caterpillar and my camera bag weighs a third of what it used to, if not more.

I just do not understand what is the point of sticking a large and heavy lens on a small Sony mirrorless camera. I believe it defeats the purpose of owning a small system. Yes, it is "useful" to have an adapter for other lenses, but mounting a huge lens does not make your whole system small and light anymore. You make it heavier than a DSLR with kit zoom lens.

To those that say, "an a6000 + 70-200 F2.8 is lighter than a DSLR + 70-200 F2.8"......really?
If you already have that enormous lens mounted, then what is 300-400 grams more??? Not to mention, I think it looks ridiculous when mounted on a Sony NEX. But then again that's just me.


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