Replace A77 with A6000??

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Re: Replace A77 with A6000??

BlueFightingCat wrote:

I currently own an A77. I've been really happy with it and have gathered a small number of lenses for it.

However I've always toyed with the idea about going mirrorless mainly because of the small size/weight. However there has always been compromises I would need to make with mirrorless that I was not yet comfortable making compared to the A77.

Now that the A6000 came out, I am seriously considering making the jump. I am an enthusiast and have not really found my "niche". I take portraits, landscapes, night/star shots and events. Rarely do I take sports or bifs or anything like that. Just the occasional panning shot or photos of my kids.

I was wondering whether anybody else out there has made the jump from A77 to A6000. I would love to hear about your experiences. What you like/dislike. What you miss in the A77 that the A6000 doesn't have.

Initially I would get the adapter so that I could use my A-mount lenses, however when travelling I would stick to the e-mount lenses (because of the space/weight issue) and eventually slowly concentrate on e-mount lenses.

If I were you, I would wait until some more reliable test are done with the a6000. Not only in terms of the AF capabilities but also the overall IQ results. So far, from what is available both here and on Flickr/YouTube, I have mixed feelings about the a6000. The focus ACCURACY seems to be a hit and miss ( that may be due to the operator's fault or may be not ) and the output in terms of IQ seems underwhelming in comparison to N7, N6 or N5N/R/T at all ISO settings. If you are mostly a landscape/portraits shooter, you may just be disappointed ( especially if you use JPEGs ).

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