Nikon D800 images featured in Asian Photography Magazine April 2014 issue

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Re: Nikon D800 images featured in Asian Photography Magazine April 2014 issue

Sergeg wrote:

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Sergeg wrote:

Congrats, nice spread. Do these publications pay for freelance submissions, or do they consider it a prevelidge to publish your images?


They do pay but it is a small amount. But I should stress on the word small.

It is a monthly magazine and I used to do a monthly regular travel feature with them. The Editor became a friend and so I would do it irrespective of the renumeration but yes, that is a tiny part and the fact that you are featured helps.

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I used to get published regularly in several Australian Magazines, do tests, reviews of gear, software and even films stocks, before digital. With the advent of the Internet and internet publications, so much is expected for free because so much is available. The Stock Photo industry has been totally decimated by fly by night pimp outfits offering royalty free images for $1 or even free downloads. Photographers generally are being exploited more since now everyone thinks they are a photographer who takes snapshots with a P&S or their phones.

I used to write for Design Graphics and Broadcast Engineering News amongst other consumer mags, a feature article in DG or BEN, would net me $AU 1,000 - 1250, gone are those days!

Thanks for your reply, I was curious.

Completely agree with you. I think what is paid these days barely covers the cost of meals let alone travel and stay. But so far what it does is some PR which helps get assignments/commissioned work. For me this is not my primary source of income so it works out and I can be choosy.

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