Preferred travel zoom for m4/3?

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Re: Preferred travel zoom for m4/3?

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Which zoom lenses do people like for travel? I know the 12-40/2.8 is highly lauded but I'm not sure I want to plunk down $1000 for my first lens if I buy a m4/3 camera. Are the 14-140 and 14-150 lenses good (I ask as I'm leery of 10:1 superzooms). If yes, what is best to pair for indoor-oriented shots?

To answer to that question, we have to take into account image stabilisation.

Some m4/3 cameras have in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) while other cameras rely on image stabilisation in the lens itself (IS). Practically, IBIS and IS give equivalent results.

If your new camera will have IBIS, the best "normal" zoom (a 3x or 4x zoom in the normal range) is the M.Zuiko 12-40mm. If your camera won't have IBIS, then the best normal zoom in the Lumix 12-35mm.

Next, the second choice as a normal zoom is the Lumix 14-45mm. This suggestion is controversial; others might disagree.

If you'd rather have a super zoom (for example a 10x zoom), you'll also have to take into account the image stabilisation. I don't have any suggestion to give you: other members will provide you with their suggestions. In any case, all m4/3 superzooms are good (a Pullitzer Prize winner uses the M.Zuiko 14-140mm) but not as good as the top-of-the-line normal zooms.

For indoor-oriented shots, bright lenses (F/2,8 or less) and a second-generation m4/3 camera (16Mb sensor) are the best choices.

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