What ISO to keep on A mode?

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Re: What ISO to keep on A mode?

I figured out that I would like to stick to A mode when i require to shoot non-moving objects. I would switch to S mode when i want to change speed frequently. Would that be a right approach for a beginner like me?

It is essentially the right approach for anyone.

For rotineday time still images, eg landscape,street views,portraits, What should be the starting ISO-200/400 range?.

Raise ISO to whatever is required to get a shutter speed that is needed for your shot.

There are two reasons you might need a given shutter speed :

  • Freeze motion.You are shooting something that moves ( and that includes so-called stationary people ). You'd typically need a reasonably fast shutter speed ( like 1/150 or more ) to avoid blur from their movement. You can get away with less sometimes and on other occasions you'd need more.
  • Avoiding shake blur. This is when the camera ( and you ) move during the exposure and can cause a blur. You avoid this you need a shutter speed of above 1/(focal length) for full frame systems and 1/(1.5 x focal length) for crop frame systems. Now image stabilization has meant that this is less of an issue, but I'd suggest you ere more towards those values than away from them. Neither that rule of thumb nor image stabilization will guarantee a shake free shot, so I tend to be cautious rather than optimistic.
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