70-200mm F4 on A6000

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I "stick" a 200/2.8 via EA2 on NEX-6 regularly. In fact, I prefer the lens on NEX-6 compared to a55 as the latter combo won't fit in my sling whereas, with NEX-6 (and previously NEX-3), I have room to spare for additional lenses.

But if I had to pick only one camera body, I would pick NEX-6 between the two due to its versatility. I use NEX-6 as a camera that can cover both grounds: small and light (with 8mm, 20mm, 35mm or a 50-55mm prime) or as a DSLR/SLT substitute when size is not the key issue.

Now, if the argument is between lenses, I personally prefer faster, constant aperture lens. In fact, that is why E55-210 was rarely used. It competed against the beercan (70-210/4). Sure the beercan is longer (same length at any focal length), but usagewise much sturdier (when I want to use DH1758) and convenient (exposure variables independent of FL as well as no change in length of the lens as you zoom in/out... E55-210, ofcourse gets to the same length as beercan at 210mm).

Now, one may prefer the 55-210 for its OSS but when using tele zoom, I almost never shoot something static so stabilization is a moot point.

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