EM-1 problem with High speed (10x), resets to low with fstop, focal length changes

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EM-1 problem with High speed (10x), resets to low with fstop, focal length changes

I have been using the heck out of this camera and really having fun with it.

I could gush all day, but this is about a problem I have noticed.

Noticed it the other day and thought I had some setting on the camera that was forcing the 10x speed to drop to 6.5 or slower.  I am aware there are settings in the menus and shutter speeds that will cause it to drop. (You can't shoot 1 second exposures at 10 frames per second!!!)

Please note, I have NO micro 4/3 lenses.

And sort of luckily, it does not affect Manual lenses. As soon as you pull off the 4/3 lens, it jumps to 10x speed.

Using Firmware 1.3, IS is OFF, everything I can think to turn off is off, gone through that several times. This occurs in any focus mode, any speed of significance (1/30 - 1/8000).

Tried the full reset in the menu. It did not seem to reset anything that I can find. I will try the factory reset by battery removal for 24 hours in a day or two. I have a job to shoot tomorrow night. If there is another factory reset method, please let me know.  I know these menus REAL well now and it is no problem to reset.

Using 4/3 lenses:

14-54 v1: f stop Wide open, Lens from 41mm to 54 mm it will shoot at 10x High speed.

If I drop down to 40mm to 14mm it immediately drops speed to slow, what feels like 5 or so.

Even in the "fast range" of focal length,  42mm - 54mm, If I go from f/3.5 to f4, it drops to slow speed.

35 - 100 f/2: F stop wide open at f/2, Lens from 45mm - 100mm it will shoot at 10x.

If I drop down to 44mm to 35mm or drop f stop to f2.2, it drops speed immediately.

50-200 v1.: f stop wide open, all focal lengths, full speed 10x

If I drop the f stop down from the wide open position to the next one down, it will go into slow speed.

This can be while shooting holding the shutter release down , if I turn the zoom ring it will drop or increase speed, or it can be between shots, as in I turn on the camera and fire off a few, they are all either in slow, if the lens is set that way or fast if it is set that way.

I have read the manual and can't find anything there. Scoured the internet, same thing.

So, I am at a loss, anyone else observed this??

Nikon 1 V1
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