Stopping down with M43 lenses...

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Re: Stopping down with M43 lenses...

Gregm61 wrote:

Abrak wrote:

I guess there is a general assumption with most lenses that stopping down from their maximum (as in widest) aperture by a stop or two increases sharpness. Now I am not really a pixel peeper and havent really noticed it my myself with most M43 lenses of which I have far too many.

So I am a little confused...

Stopping down is not something you do just for sharpness gains. Even with the limited DOF you get in this system, if you shoot at f1.8 all the time just because that is supposedly the sharpest setting, there's a good chance at least some of the subject(s) you are trying to capture will not be sufficiently sharp from front to back. Sometimes, that's what you want. Sometimes, not.

I rarely stop down beyond f5.6 with this system. By that setting I can do landscapes with near and far elements and have most of it in good focus at wider focal lengths. I stop a lens down to gain depth of field if I need it, not to gain sharpness.

I agree, I usually use f4-5.6 on most of my m4/3 lenses. I change aperture only for depth of field purposes (less or more).


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