Very simple D3 questions

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Re: Very simple D3 questions

Al Giordano wrote:

Grevture wrote:

Al Giordano wrote:

In my case, I think the VR was off or something because even at high shutter speeds, I was getting out of focus shots.

Why were you using VR at high shutter speeds?

Because I didn't know any better??? Seriously, with a new VRIII lens, you have to try it under all conditions. I used VR on non BIF subjects and SS's not nearly as high and still had VR anomalies.

Ok ... It just struck me as a bit odd.

I love VR, I really do, but just as AF it is something which behave quite differently between lenses, and takes some time to learn to get most effect from.

My impression from using the AF-S 80-400 for a few thousand images is that the AF is very, very fast, while the VR is not that fast (at least compared to the big fixed telephoto lenses) and the combination can be a bit tricky.

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