Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

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Re: Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

Who cares if the EM-1 gets more chatter than the GX-7? Why does this warrant a post at all?

If it doesn't warrant a post, how come it warrants a reply? 

My guess is that most people don't care particularly but do like chatting and discussing things with people with whom they share an interest.

It's what Marshall McCluhan meant when he said the medium is the message. It's not so much what you say but the fact that you can say it and others respond. It's a very human kind of enjoyment, communication.

A mate and me I I go out to Chinatown now and again. We talk about politics. It doesn't change anything and we're probably talking b****cks but we enjoy it and that's enough.

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