What is your fav holiday country?

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Re: What is your fav holiday country?

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I'll kick off with France.

When I am in France I feel at home. That country got it all.

The people, the landscapes, the food, the culture (and differences), the history.

If you want history look no further France has it all.

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Cheers Mike

France would be amazing if you took the majority of French people out of it.

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Could you explain this?

For about 20 years my main destiny is France and never in that period found the French impolite or not helpfull.

I have booked hotels without creditcard and stayed at campings putting up my tent without the owners notice. No problem, everything is relaxed, pay when you leave,done.

So there must be a deeper explanation.

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Cheers Mike




Based on this france do seem to be rude. Which correlate with other things i heard too.

So that's three references to the same poll -- overwhelming evidence!

even one poll would be damning, and even if it came in first 10 it would be damning. It means that there are people who think that france is rude.

I first visited France fifty-odd years ago and for the last 6 years I've been living here. I've been

So what does it prove other than the fact that you had good experience in france.

to quite a few countries around the world and I can't say that any is particularly worse than others when it comes to 'rudeness'. Some have different cultural norms that differ from what an anglophone would expect, but that is something that even slightly experienced travellers soon get used to.

On the other hand, travellers from some countries have a generally poor reputation around the world because they assume that the way they do things at home is OK everywhere else -- stuff like failing to say 'please' or 'thank you' in shops and not making the slightest effort to communicate other than by shouting.

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Every photograph is an abstraction from reality.
Most people are more interested in the picture than the image.

Having lived in japan for 8 years or so, i think japanese people (many of them ) are rude. They just do not realize that they are rude because everyone does it and it seems to be a norm to them.

But then this is my experience , not necessarily the experience of most of the people who visit there. You may also have good experience in france that others do not agree with.

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