Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

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Re: Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

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These two m4/3 cameras seem like the two heavyweight rivals from Olymponic, yet the forum get 10 times the talk and traffic regarding the em-1. Why?

To give a less flippant answer, I would suggest some factors based on my own experience. Several things influenced me to choose Olympus over Panasonic.

One was that my local camera store, Dodds Camera of Ohio, didn't carry Panasonic at that time although they carried almost every other brand. Now, a few months later they are begining to stock Panasonic cameras. But at the time I was looking I had no chance to examine a Panasonic hands-on. I think Oly has had greater retail exposure than Panasonic.

A second factor is that I used Olympus Pen W, Pen D3, Pen FT, and OM 1 in the days of film cameras, and so I respected the quality and the commitment to small size that Olympus represents. I had no previous experience with Panasonic cameras.

When I moved to digital, I started with Nikon, then Sony, then Canon, all of them compact cameras. I recently acquired an EM10 for a specific reason: I needed one of the Oly lenses.

Oly has the only macro lens I could find that gives 1:1 reproduction, and that has a long working distance from the front lens element to the transparency, and that can be used in a camera with focus peaking. I need these three characteristics for my methods of diigitizing thousands of slides rapidly and easily. This lens is the Oly 60mm macro, an outstandingly sharp macro lens.

So I see three reasons for my own preference for the EM10 over the very worthy and perhaps even better GX7: greater retail exposure; a history of using Olympus film cameras, and the availability of a specific lens I needed. This lens might also have worked on a GX7 but that did not occur to me at the time.

I am delighted with the EM10 for general photography, but no doubt I would enjoy the GX7 as much; it sounds like a great camera and I wouldn't have to master such a perplexing menu system.


Krugman, would you mind posting an image of your macro setup?

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I will be  happy to do so. It will take a couple of days to post it but I will do it. I will start a thread here for it since it is a bit complelx and off topic for the present thread. There may be several images since I have found three separate ways of digitizing thousands of slides with high quality, quickly by means of rapid loading procedures.

I have already tried Plan A using ShotCopy and it works fine. It  can digitized a dozen slides in 2 minutes.

Plan B uses a truncated PanaVue slide viewer, which I haven't modified yet. I will be faster than Plan A if it works. I estimate 20 slides in two minutes, with much less fatigue than Plan A.

Plan C involves photographing each slide while it is in a slide projector which has a diffuser between the bulb and the slide, and in which the projection lens has been removed. I have an Opal glass plate of optical quality for the diffuser and now have to get a glass firm to cut it to the required size. If this works it can do 100 slides in five minutes with no fatigue.

In the meantime you can go to the ShotCopy web site and see how that set up works. I have added a calibrated macro rail for convenience in positioning the camera. I have discovered that for ordinary images, use AF. For close-up images, us MF. For macro images focus the camera by moving it.

Hope this helps,


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