70-200mm F4 on A6000

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BUT, one doesn't have to deal with that

dotborg wrote:

Siobhan A wrote:

Siobhan A wrote:

I hope that is not the real FE 70-200. There is no advantage over a small DSLR.

How do you propose that they make a smaller 70-200mm f4 internal zoom?

Canon and nikon are smaller. Check diameters and see it could be smaller.

Totally insignificant differences.

A small difference in diameter equates to a larger difference in size due the nature of diameter vs. 3 dimensions.   So could the Sony be smaller, yes.  What is more significant is the focus ability of a DSLR over the A6000 which is either close to or behind the Nikon 1.  The Nikon 1 is a step behind DSLRs. I advocate keeping a NEX 6 or 7 or A6000, but don't spend $1500 on this lens.  Get a manual focus lens or get a DSLR and 70-200mm lens.

Post this question in the open forum to be fair if you wish and we can see what everyone says.

Eh, not all of us have to share your ideas about what we should or shouldn't. I didn't expect any lens of this spec to be smaller... im fact I have wanted to see this lens from Sony for a while... And it is the only tele zoom lens I find worth considering for E-mount bodies, the alternative being a prime which can be faster but not necessarily smaller (as I have mentioned, Minolta 200/2.8 is my favorite tele lens on NEX-6... Easy to handle and carry in my sling bag while the combination is larger and heavier than 70-200G would be with NEX-6/a6000).

If you want to buy dedicated bodies based on lens size, feel free to do so for yourself instead of railing against a fantastic choice that exists for E-mount.

BTW, a55 is comparable in size and weight to SL1, but with better grip, speed and features. And yet, my 200/2.8 usually goes on NEX-6 (a55 generally keeps 16-50/2.8). Hint: The NEX-6 combo actually fits better in my sling than the lens does when put on a55 in the same space) and handling is a non issue).

This comes from experience, not armchair spec matching.

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